Mutilate a Doll 2 is the most addicting 2nd episode of this crazy ragdolls Torturing game series. Mutilate a doll 2 give you the power to cause insane damage and relive your stress and tension in a safe environment. You can Spawn ragdolls and express all your anger on it. Choose from available weapons and use your deadly powers to draw blood and harm the dolls any possible way. if you damage it enough and want to start it again then just reset the game and start again. Have fun.

Mutilate A Doll 2

Mutilate a doll 2 sharpening your mental level and release your stress. its an educational game that teach you many thing and improve your skills.

Mutilate a Doll is developed by Rava Games.


  • Awesome new deadly weapons to use
  • Let your creativity plays and do anything with the ragdolls
  • Best Platform Game
  • Browser Game (Flash)

Use your mouse to play this game.